There’s at least one jokester in every crowd. These quit-witted individuals bring levity to discussions and make the mundane seem almost bearable. 

It’s a good break in an ordinary day to giggle or outright belly laugh. It’s fun to find someone who is good at finding a laugh in the monotonous parts of life. In fact, people talented with a clever sense of humor can be a plus. It can be another ingredient in the mix that helps create an environment people like being part of. 

However, when someone goes too far to deliver a poorly targeted one-liner, it can have the opposite effect. The best humor is when there are no casualties, instead of playing the cut-down game. 

It’s good to seek ways to reassure friends, co-workers, and even people we don’t know. Building others up is much more constructive and gratifying than cutting someone down. 

Be a builder in your own life.