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The Power of Choices That Become Habits


Preparing for the future starts with how well you are prepared for the present. The present is the  sum of all your choices. If those choices have added, rather than taken away from your dream,  then you can consider yourself moving in the right direction. Keep in mind that unforeseen  calamity sometimes causes the best-laid plans to go astray.

However, we are the sum of all the  choices we make, right or wrong, good or bad, often with huge time investment as part of the  master plan. Our choices play out in the form of what we have in the present.  

Therefore, it behooves us to choose wisely more often. One way to help us stay on track is to  remind ourselves of what works for us and what goes against us.

Choices Can Become Habits

We can make a choice and do  something for a while and because it becomes a routine, we may forget that it has the power to  enhance our life. Then we take it for granted. It is important to revisit from time to time what  works for us and what is not working. 

Years ago, on my way home from work I made a different choice. It was my habit to stop and  pick up a six-pack of beer on my way home and pop the cap on one or two before I arrived. Caught  in a moment of insight, I decided when I reached for the third one, that something strange was  gripping me.

For the first time ever, I realized that it had become my habit to leave work in time  to make the stop, to pick up the beer, and head home. I also realized that before the night was over  I would consume the balance of the six-pack and go to bed slightly drunk.  

I put the third beer back and have never touched another one. That flash of insight showed me a  direction and a path from which for me would have been a “no return”. I saw the pain and  frustration of my childhood and its cause; I saw the sadness in my own life for having chosen to  spend my evenings in a fog. I decided at that moment, it was an unwise choice to continue to  drink.  

As the years have passed, some of my pain has healed. A similar choice to stop smoking fifteen  years prior to that night also has had a tremendous impact on the quality of my life. My two sisters  and a brother died due to the choices they made regarding alcohol and tobacco use.  

How different I would be if it not for those two choices. It’s possible that I would not be here at  all. 

The choices you make everyday impact your life and the lives of those around you.  Learn to choose wisely and turn those choices into habits that will keep moving you forward to where you want to go.

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